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J Life 啓愛共融基金


食物資援 • 教育培訓下一代 • 助人自助

J Life x Cozy Coffee x 青年單車同樂日

疫情以來,我們常常困在家中,少了很多外出遊玩的日子。啓愛今日趁着疫情放緩,便組織了一個青年單車同樂日,與一眾青年人由大圍出發,踏單車至大埔,齊齊鍛鍊身體及舒緩壓力。我們感謝Cozy Coffee資助活動的早餐及茶點,讓參加者可以於出發前「食飽飽」,以及在運動後補充能量,令各位青年人度過美好的一天。

啓愛感謝 Cozy Coffee與我繼續同行,及關心青年人的需要。我們相信只要抱着「助人自助」的精神,同心抗疫,我們必能共渡疫境!

J Life x Cozy Coffee x Youth Cycling Day

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been trapped at our homes and enjoyed fewer fun days outside. As the pandemic eases, J Life today organised a Cycling Day with our youth to allow them to exercise and release stress. We cycled all the way from Tai Wai to Tai Po! We thank @cozycoffeeclub for sponsoring our breakfast and tea. Our participants are fully charged for this event because of the meals!

J Life thank Cozy Coffee for their continuous support and care for the community. We believe that by keeping up the spirit of “help others to help themselves”, we will welcome a better summer!

Cozy Coffee 青年感恩派對-28 Dec 18


十二月的驚喜真係一浪接一浪!我們連同Cozy Coffee 4 位義工帶了25名青年人去到Cozy Coffee 開感恩聖誕節派對,多謝Cozy義工招待一班青年人及陪伴渡過一個愉快及興奮的晚上!

It is another wave for Christmas activities! We took 25 teenagers along with 4 Cozy volunteers for a fun and grateful Christmas night . All teenagers enjoyed the fun and spent a happy night together. Thank you for @cozycoffee117 sponsoring this christmas activity to our teenagers. Credit to @billycheung09 頂好海鮮酒家 for donating us a Christmas buffet.


Cozy Coffee announces the first collaboration with J Life to launch a coffee order for charity start at 8 Dec, HKD$1 per cup of coffee of the proceeds order will be donated to J Life 啓愛共融社區中心 to help underprivileged as well as low-income families and children.
Cozy Coffee 宣布與J Life首次合作,於12月8日開始為慈善機構啟動咖啡訂單,每杯咖啡1元的收益將捐贈給啓愛共融社區中心以幫助位於貧窮線的家庭及兒童

Watching Movie 🎥 Ralph Breaks the Internet : Wreck-it-Ralph - 29 Dec 18

It is last one for Christmas activities! We took 100 families along with G & M Holdings Limited / @official501stand @cozycoffee117 Volunteers for a fun watching movie afternoon. All families enjoyed the fun and spent a happy afternoon together. Thank you for G &M Holdings Limited sponsoring this christmas charity activity to our families. 

十二月的最後一個聖誕節🎄活動,我們連同G & M / 帝國軍第五零壹旅香港駐軍 / Cozy Coffee 義工
帶了100名家庭去到Metroplex 睇慈善無敵破壞王2網絡大暴走,多謝G &M /501/Cozy義工招待一班家庭及陪伴渡過一個愉快及興奮的下午!


Cozy Coffee 聖誕聯歡同樂日 22 Dec 18圓滿結束!!

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